The Martian Beginning
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I had an idea of a Martian family Tree, and with helped turned it into a story :)
Submitted By Ren467 on 10/06/03
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The Martian Beginning


In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God. . .and the word was God. He was with God in the beginning. 


God created the world, the universe and everything. His righthand man was a mere human named Aubrey Falconer. In this story however, Aubrey is the Archangel of God in the view of the Martians, because he portrays the ultimate Christian character. Therefore this story written by Nicole(Ren467) is dedicated to Aubrey Falconer, for creating Mars Explorer.


Olim was a simple man. He loved designing ships, and repairing things for the good of the village Aubrey had given to him, from God. He was the first Martian, and an Elder along with Kruncher, and Picard. Kruncher, was a man of very simple. . . yet somewhat harsh taste. He loved food, and most of the Older martian community. He had two sons, who were among the oldest of the community. Picard was a very sophisticated, and thoughtful man. He has never messed up his typing, and always ends his sentences with proper punctuation. Everyone loves Picard, because he is one of the few who is well kept. TheDude, and MacDane were his sons.


Then the first family began.  The Dude was first married to TheChick. . . however due to some events that marriage ended and TheChick was never heard from again. He then married Lizzle, and they had a boy, whom they named Tiger.


The second family on mars was MacDane and Glast. They had to twins: a boy named AppleSky and a girl named Ren. However, she goes by Nicole.  BabaG was their first child and brother to App and Ren. He was disowned for his dream of being a hobo.


App eventually had a son due to incest with someone *whom we don’t know* and had a little boy named Fai.


However, on Glast’s side of the family, she had a sister named Xana.  Xana married Android, who now prefers to referred to as Antonio.  They together had Cheezburger, or Cheez, and Marty who is otherwise known as Uninspired.  They somehow couldn't have any more kids, so they adopted The Beatles and DeathRay.


Lizzle also had a brother on her side of the family. His name was JIm. He never married or wanted anything to do with his Martian heritage really, so he and BluePython, BadAss, and DemonHunter Demon Hunter (who was banned from mars for doing evil things a Good Martian wouldn’t do) ditched Mars and went back to earth.


Seb and Spiffy realized that they belonged with each other, so they had a child named FlyClub. *Hence his amazing designing skills which he got from his father’s*


Dvo is the crazy next-door neighbor whom everyone makes fun of. However, when Dvo runs to Ren and Glast and tells them that App and Tiger are making fun of them, they go over and beat the crud out of them with frying pans. Teriva lives with Dvo and tries to calm down Dv's wild lashing outness. . . . he normally fails but he doesn't give up.


This is where the confusing part comes in. Dash is engaged to Nicole, and they are waiting for their time to get married. During that time though, with no sign of Dash, Nicole found Will, her crazy/psychopathic husband who is convinced he's a werewolf and that Nicole is a vampire. He is scheduled to see the local psychiatrist next month. However, due to Grae and Nicole loving the same kind of music, they become Soul Mates, so the final story is very obscure.

Then the funny part is that TheCrimsonPhantom, and EmperorEctoShock are the local Hillbilly brothers along with Acorn2Oak2!


Then there is the Pariah. He was the original father of the Twins. He and GLAST were happily married, until the day that everyone, excluding his daughter, Nicole, turned against him.


The story of the Martian Beginning is still being written. To those we have lost along the way due to their reasons we miss you and love you, even if we didn’t know you that well. . . or didn’t like. . or didn’t get along with. You will always be in our memories.


Crazygirl<3                    Demon Hunter

Free Willie                    Spiffy(PB&J)

BadAss                         Cole THE BEAST!!!

Jay                                 Cannon

2cul2play                       Snares

Ace                                   Meg

Ah                                       Z 

Kamimaru Sensei           Uninspired

Roflcoptor                           Hi1

Flying Monkey              EmoAuntieVanessa

Minnow                         Igiz(Triplex)

DM(333)                       CopperHead Viper 

VENOM                        Galaxy Awesome

El Maiz(Matthew)         Zoe(TheDragslay)

Commandoseb             Clacknacks

                 LuckyStar       TheLengendKiller

                 WaffleBoy                 Tffan

                 Red                               Lovepug*GLAST loves her very much*

                 BluePython          LuckyCharm

Monty Neon

Also we want GTR34,G-Man, Igiz, TheDude, MacDane, and Dash to get their lazy butt’s back on and play. 


This story was written By Nicole(Ren467), with the help of Antonio(Android), (Applesky), (KingDvo), (Tigerstorm), Fai(Forge), (SebfromNZ), and GLAST(dinamicdiamond).


Thanks for all the people who helped me remember the names of the old players who left, and who helped me write this fantastic story!!!! I couldn't have done it without you all!!!!!!!

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Re: The Martian Beginning
1 week - 27,777v
Posted 2010/06/03 - 6:09 GMT
wow, thats sorta twisted Ren!
but um, okay....
Re: The Martian Beginning
2 days - 6,410v
Posted 2010/06/03 - 6:17 GMT
Awha? lol nice job nikki! Twisted, but interesting, two of my favorite things. :P
IMA FRIED EGG! huh? exactly... 
Re: The Martian Beginning
1 week - 24,924v
Posted 2010/06/03 - 13:36 GMT
Where am I? I was around from 1.7!
Re: The Martian Beginning
1 week - 24,177v
Posted 2010/06/03 - 14:05 GMT
Darn it, Ren! Igiz/Triplex still plays!
Other than that, nice little story.
Re: The Martian Beginning
1 day - 4,105v
Posted 2010/06/03 - 14:57 GMT
Dash plays a lot, too. I see him all the time.
Re: The Martian Beginning
1 week - 16,808v
Posted 2010/06/03 - 15:22 GMT
Re: The Martian Beginning
5 days - 10,540v
Posted 2010/06/03 - 16:13 GMT
Re: The Martian Beginning
2 days - 6,410v
Posted 2010/06/03 - 16:35 GMT
I didn't un-appreciate it.... Its a nice story! :D
Re: The Martian Beginning
1 week - 27,777v
Posted 2010/06/03 - 17:15 GMT
I m sorry Ren.
Its a pretty good story, just a few weird parts. but thats how life goes huh? :P
Good job Girly
Re: The Martian Beginning
1 week - 24,177v
Posted 2010/06/03 - 23:54 GMT
I'm also the uncle that the kids (and everyone else) love. :D
Re: The Martian Beginning
3 days - 10,293v
Posted 2010/06/04 - 0:25 GMT
Thanks for this amazing piece of literature.
Re: The Martian Beginning
2 days - 7,898v
Posted 2010/06/04 - 1:38 GMT
In case you were wondering I flew in from Milliways, the Restaurant at the End of the Universe to see what was going on.  I have only one relative, Mr. CatBoy (brother) who visits from time to time.
Re: The Martian Beginning
1 week - 24,924v
Posted 2010/06/04 - 14:24 GMT
And I am Oaky, laughing stock. I have fun playin laser tag in the buggies, and keep the little ones entertained (even when not needed) (I AM actually pretty good at entertaining 2-4 yr olds!)
Re: The Martian Beginning
3 days - 10,628v
Posted 2010/06/04 - 16:09 GMT
I am just about the only person who has absolutely nothing to do with this story...  lol
Re: The Martian Beginning
9 hours - 1,121v
Posted 2010/06/05 - 12:03 GMT
I rose out of teh Martian dust. Dat's mah history.
Re: The Martian Beginning
2 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/06/05 - 21:50 GMT
Ren, please hide this thread.
This doesn't belong on HumorAmerica.
Re: The Martian Beginning
3 days - 10,628v
Posted 2010/06/06 - 16:35 GMT
Where's it gonna go then?
no one goes there...
Re: The Martian Beginning
5 days - 10,540v
Posted 2010/06/07 - 1:46 GMT
Um, to the Mars Website of course!
Re: The Martian Beginning
1 week - 24,924v
Posted 2010/06/07 - 2:20 GMT
"Acorn2Acorn"???? First of all, it's Acorn2OAK, you numbskull, second, I am NOT a hillbilly, I am a technology/weapons expert that kept us on Mars instead of leaving for Earth!
(Don't you EVER misuse/misspell my name again, hear?)
Re: The Martian Beginning
1 week - 24,924v
Posted 2010/06/07 - 2:21 GMT
(Srsly, though. If you gonna spell my name, spell it right. ;)
Re: The Martian Beginning
1 week - 16,808v
Posted 2010/06/26 - 21:49 GMT
Your lucky i even added you Spongejax should be in there. . . .
Re: The Martian Beginning
1 day - 4,624v
Posted 2010/06/09 - 22:43 GMT
fai is not going to be happy about this...
Re: The Martian Beginning
1 week - 16,808v
Posted 2010/06/09 - 23:28 GMT
No Elfy he actually asked App if he could be his son. *I KNOW WEIRD RIGHT*
*LOL* xD
Re: The Martian Beginning
1 day - 3,479v
Posted 2010/06/13 - 19:56 GMT
HEY DERES! kinda weird story.... but A+ for effort right? tffan and lovepug actually didn't leave; tffan and lovepug just get caught up in homework and don't have time to play. and yes, i totally agree with GTR on the get off your butt list, but why didn't you say me????? XD talk to all u soon -jax -pause- spongejax
P.S. ADD ME IN THE STORYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! pleez.........
Re: The Martian Beginning
2 days - 5,444v
Posted 2010/06/26 - 21:34 GMT
 theres another person who went missing i know about...
"thunder*nyan*nyan*" OH and BTW...shes "my sister"
*EDIT*    really ren? is that the best you could do?
but thanks anyway, it took me and HOUR just to find my name...

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